What is my partner saying?

What is my partner saying?

Have you ever noticed that your partner’s language is not the same as yours? Of course you have! You may both be speaking English but the words are definitely used differently.

This is something I see multiple times during each of my couples’ conversations.  This can result in misunderstandings which can lead to arguments.

Your partner has been taught the “meaning” of words during his/her childhood from his/her family of origin. You have also been taught the “meaning” of words as well. Just as your family of origin differs from your partner’s, the meanings of words differ, too.

It is important to recognize this because the cause of most fights between couples is misunderstandings.

There are several tools available to clarify what your partner “means” with their words so as to reduce the amount of arguing.

Are you  experiencing fighting in your relationship possibly due to misunderstandings and needing to learn tools to improve your relationship?

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