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Blog #19 Healthy Boundaries
October 2015

Having healthy boundaries in a relationship can mean the difference between a long and happy marriage and an unhealthy one. Boundaries can be explained as your personal comfort level with certain things.
Healthy boundaries include being able to be assertive, knowing how to compromise, and having good communication skills. You are walking a fine line if you don’t know how to navigate boundaries effectively.
Public displays of affection are an area where couples often disagree. If your partner is not comfortable with public displays of affection and you are the kind of person who is, then being able to have an open and honest discussion combined with the ability to compromise regarding this, demonstrates one example of healthy boundaries.
Couples need to be able to respect each others’ boundaries as well as feel their own personal boundaries are being respected.
Again, like so many other components of a functional relationship, if healthy boundaries are not well defined, it can quickly lead to resentment. Resentment can be called the ‘silent killer’ of relationships.
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