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Emotional Intelligence How Well Do You Know Your Feelings And The Feelings Of Others

Emotional intelligence can be described as the ability to recognize your feelings as well as other people’s feelings and how to appropriately navigate those feelings.
We are all familiar with the phrase, “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. At times, this can be positive and appropriate. Conversely, at times, this can be inappropriate and detrimental.
Emotional intelligence is needed to assist people on being able to sense other people’s emotions and then ‘course correct’ as a result of what they are sensing.
Emotional intelligence is also needed to assist you in being able to “hold yourself together” while being reprimanded by your boss, for example, or having been cut off while you are driving. People with road rage have a low emotional intelligence level.
Have you ever worked with or been in a relationship with someone with a low emotional intelligence? It is quite challenging as you often feel like you need to “walk on egg shells” to prevent the other person from losing their cool. Someone with a low emotional intelligence may go through jobs and partners frequently and be unable to see the correlation between their emotional outbursts and their negative patterns.
A person with a low emotional intelligence believes others can “control” their own feelings and often states things like, “ It’s YOUR fault that I am angry” or “You make me so mad” or “Why do you keep pissing me off?”.
A person with a high emotional intelligence is able to recognize that NO ONE can control their feelings but themselves. This is good news because to hand over the “remote control” to your feelings is NEVER a good idea.
Do you think you may be in a relationship with someone who has a low emotional intelligence? Or perhaps you work closely with someone like that? Or maybe your emotional intelligence level could use a boost?
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Laurie Shoats LMFT