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Blog #16 Sex, Monogamy and Relationships
Sept. 2015
Lately, over the past several years or so I have seen a trend towards more open relationships. These can often be referred to as being in the “lifestyle”. For this to be successful, it is imperative that BOTH partners fully agree to being involved in an open relationship. If one of the partners is unsure then this lifestyle will not work. Monogamy is best if one partner is not completely on board with this “lifestyle”.
My clients who have chosen to be part of the “lifestyle” often come to me to be able to openly discuss parameters and agreements to assist them in navigating the “lifestyle’.
Two of the most important characteristics needed to be able to maintain a healthy relationship while being part of the “lifestyle” are communication and trust. Without those qualities being rock solid, the “lifestyle” will inevitably begin the demise of their relationship. My couples work on strengthening their communication and trust with assessments, exercises and skills building in my office.
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Laurie Shoats LMFT
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