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Navigating Your Loved One’s Issues- Laurie Shoats LMFT ( Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

Navigating Your Loved One’s Issues

Do you ever struggle with navigating your loved one’s issues?  If you answered ‘yes’, then read on.

We all have issues. No one is immune to issues. No one.

I once heard issues referred to as “specialties”, which sound easier to navigate around, so I will refer to issues as specialties.

Navigating your loved one’s specialties can take some practice. And only you can decide if their specialties are even worth navigating at all vs. ending the relationship.

The good news about navigating their specialties is that you are completely in charge! They do not even need to know that you are now trying something new or possibly working with a therapist to improve the quality of your relationship.

My clients have experienced great success learning new techniques to do this.

Another plus is that your partner often tends to make some positive modifications on their own, as a result of what you have been doing.

Once your partner sees that you are doing things differently, and your gains have been solidified then that increases the likelihood that your partner will begin making changes.

When I work with my clients and teach them to recognize when their actions are adding fuel to the fire, then my clients are able to do a little tweaking. This tweaking can lead to great improvements to their marriage and family.

Do you need some support and guidance on how to improve navigating your loved one’s specialties?

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Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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