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How To Get Over An Affair – Laurie Shoats LMFT – Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

So, your partner cheated on you. Now you are not sure what to do.  All you know is that you are hurt beyond belief, you cannot sleep, you cannot eat due to that lump in your throat and the sick feeling in your stomach.

Believe it or not, an affair, or any form of infidelity or betrayal, does not have to be a guaranteed deal breaker. It IS possible to move past an affair and actually have a better relationship after having gone through counseling.

Hi. I am Laurie Shoats, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I specialize in helping couples recover from an affair, if that is what they want to do.

It does take work and both parties need to be dedicated and committed to each other and the necessary counseling.

There are several steps we go through in order for the betrayed spouse to be able to truly forgive their partner and not just pretend to forgive them.

One of the first steps is  for the person who committed the adultery  to be sure they are truly ready to cut any and all ties with the other person.  It has been proven that the other man/woman has zero respect for your relationship and cannot remain a part of your partner’s life.  If your partner is not willing to do this, you may want to consider this a red flag as to whether or not your partner is genuinely prepared to recommit to the relationship with you.

There are other steps needed to strengthen the trust in your relationship. If trust has been broken in your relationship and you want to explore rebuilding it, call me, let’s chat.

Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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