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Three Tips to Increase Positive Feelings

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Positive feelings…they are not as elusive as many people believe them to be.

Many people believe they are powerless when it comes to their feelings. Well, good news!

You have a whole lot more power than you probably believe!

Research suggests that our minds default to Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.s).

Some research purports this is due to our ancestors needing to think negatively back in prehistoric times to protect themselves from imminent life-threatening danger.

Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Three things you can do immediately to produce more positive feelings are listed below.


  1. When A.N.T.s creep into your mind, focus on things that bring about positive feelings.   


*Did you have a delicious cup of coffee this morning?

*Did you get a wonderful hug from someone you love?

*Did you hear a good song on the way to work?

*Did you make that red light you usually get stuck waiting for?

*Did your car turn on when you got in it this morning?

These are the little things that can bring you positive feelings if you look for them. Many people take these things for granted.

A person cannot feel two opposing feelings simultaneously. So it is not possible to feel grateful and lousy at the same moment.

  1. Do something for another person.                                                                                                                            If you want to make it even more rewarding then pick a person who cannot possibly repay you. Then enjoy the positive feelings from being completely altruistic.

It is common knowledge that feel good endorphins  get released from doing something kind for another person.


  1. Get up and move!                                                                                                                                                        A 10 minute walk can do wonders for your mood.  Doing some stretches or jumping jacks or  put on some music and dance for a few minutes. This will quickly elevate your mood. Even if all you are doing is laughing at yourself.                                                                                               .

Are you struggling to find ways to feel good?

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Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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