Raising Emotionally Mature Children

Another Parenting Tip on Raising Emotionally Mature Children

Children need to feel discomfort as kids so they can handle discomfort as adults. Should we as parents intentionally inflict discomfort onto our children? No, of course we should not. But there are natural times of discomfort and stress in everyday life and by tending to or rescuing every uncomfortable emotion our children have, we cripple them as adults. Emotional intelligence is something children need to learn. We need to allow them to learn this. (See my previous blog on Emotional Intelligence)

Every a slight stressor can turn into a crisis if they have been deprived of the opportunity to learn that they are capable of working through stress/discomfort and coming out just fine on the other side. In fact, each of these opportunities for personal and emotional growth will improve their strength and character. This can give your child the edge they need to be a successful adult.

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