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Changing the Unspoken Rules- Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

Have you ever been involved in a relationship when all of a sudden the “unspoken rules” changed without your knowing it?
Maybe it used to be okay if you cooked and then your partner cleaned up after dinner but now your partner seems to be displaying passive aggressive behaviors when dinner is over.
Or maybe it used to be that your partner would take care of the car issues and now when your oil light goes on, your partner turns to you and asks you what you are going to do about it.
These are common examples of “unspoken rules” that were  once acceptable in your relationship but for whatever reason are now no longer okay.
Often times the unspoken rules end up changing as a result of anger or resentment.
It is essential to communicate all of your feelings honestly and respectfully to your partner in an effort to return to homeostasis.
My couples find resolution after only a few sessions with me as their anger and resentment begin to decrease. This is a direct result of discussing their feelings in a safe and controlled manner.