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Two Most Important Things in a Relationship

Many people ask me what is the secret to a happy, healthy relationship.

Having been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 25+ years, I believe I am in a pretty good position to propose a response to this inquiry.

A solid foundation between two people can make or break the longevity of the relationship.

This solid foundation needs to be comprised of two very important components.

The first one is TRUST. Trusting your partner to not do anything intentionally to hurt you and trusting that your partner will always tell you the truth, is one part of creating a healthy relationship that will last the test of time.

The second most important element in a thriving relationship is COMMUNICATION. Communication is much more than simply talking. Anyone can talk, but it takes practice to be able to effectively communicate with your loved one.

Could you use some brushing up on communication skills or assistance in building trust?

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