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So I Have Decided to See a Therapist. Does This Mean I am Crazy?

Congratulations! You have made a very difficult decision. You have decided it is time to iron out some wrinkles in your life. You now recognize that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and that you’re ready to make some changes.

But wait! Isn’t therapy only for “crazy” people?
NO!!! Not at all! It is actually the opposite!
The “crazy” people are unaware of their negative patterns and blame others for the issues in their lives. The “crazy” people avoid counseling at all costs! They deny or minimize their roles in conflict and have a lack of awareness or insight. They are unable to see the consequences of their negative thought processes.
Isn’t there a stigma attached to seeing a therapist?
It is basic ignorance in a person which causes that person to judge or criticize someone who is in counseling.
More often than not, people who “get to” attend consistent counseling sessions are looked at as fortunate as they are getting the opportunity to rewire ineffective cognitive processes and improve the quality of their lives. A person might as well do it sooner than later to avoid any prolonged stressors. Inability to cope with stress is an unfortunate byproduct of having been taught ineffective coping skills as a child.
Could you use some support to iron out some wrinkles and cope better with stress?
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