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Why Is Being A Mom So Overwhelming?

So, you are a mom. You are tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. Out of all the moms I have counseled since I began my journey as a Marriage and Family Therapist ( almost 30 years ago) this is one of the most common themes I hear in my office.

Moms all have wonderful visions of being a Supermom before becoming a mommy. Moms picture themselves being able to balance all the responsibilities that come along with being the “perfect mommy”. Then comes baby…..and pretty quickly those visions get shattered with reality.

The responsibilities of being a mom are never ending and don’t take into consideration weekends, vacations, migraines, or wanting a break.  “Mom Responsibilities” are a 24/7 job.

From having spoken to countless moms, it definitely seems that the brunt of parenting falls on the shoulders of the moms. Fair or not, right or wrong, this seems to be the trend.

You are NOT alone!

I wish I could offer the perfect solutions for this but there are none. Read on……there is hope, though.

Self-care, whenever possible, can make things less overwhelming. Self-care can include making time for yourself (your hobbies), delegating (asking for help), exploring your unmet expectations OF your partner WITH your partner or a trusted friend or therapist, trying to get enough sleep, healthy eating and exercising habits and working on being grateful/mindful. Not necessarily in that order.

Unmet expectations of your partner can cause resentment towards your partner which can quickly add stress to a relationship. Having good communication with your partner and having your partner be supportive of your feelings is important.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed? Do you need help delegating and coping with your unmet expectations of your partner?

Call me, let’s chat.

Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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