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What to expect out of your first few sessions of counseling at Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.


At Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc., my clients enjoy real life solutions they can take home and begin using immediately. My clients often report being pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get benefits from counseling.

You can expect to begin to see more clearly and begin gaining insight after the first session or two. My clients have shared that they feel better and more hopeful by the end of the first session.

The first session is about gathering history and addressing your questions and concerns. An assessment is utilized at this time to assist in gathering history into your issues.

Between the first and second session I develop a personal Plan of Action catered to your individual needs. We go over this together at the onset of your second session. This Plan of Action will be modified as you progress and if your needs/goals change. Your personal Plan of Action will include how many sessions I anticipate you will need to accomplish your goals based on my professional experience and your motivation. Obviously the more motivated you are, the less sessions you will need. The average amount of sessions is 12 to 20. I have several clients who have chosen to continue counseling with me long after reaching their initial goals as they report seeing value in having continued personal growth.

You can expect to be reassured regarding confidentiality and professionalism at Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc. You will be educated to the process of counseling and your role in successful therapy.

More than likely, you will be given homework to do between your first and second session as well as between most of your sessions. The homework is designed for you to continue the benefits of counseling between sessions.

Remember, at Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc., I have chosen NOT to accept insurance so you can rest assured knowing that you will NOT receive a significant mental health diagnosis (Label) that would have stayed on your permanent health care record forever.

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