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Blog #13 August 2015
The Differences Between how Men and Women Think
According to Dr. John Grey, who wrote those iconic Mars/Venus books, there are genuine physiological differences in male and female brains.
One of the many differences is that women have twice as many connections in their brains as men. This results in women having no choice but to take twice as long to explain things than their male counterparts. Have you ever heard a man say to a woman, “Hurry up and get to the point.” Or, “What’s the bottom line?” Well, this explains why this is.
Another difference is that men are biologically pre-determined to find solutions. This is evident when a woman is explaining something to her partner and he is automatically trying to find the solution. Sometimes this can be great. Other times it can result in the woman not feeling compassion or empathy from her partner. A woman likes to have a sympathetic ear to vent to and likes that sympathetic ear to be that of her partner. There are several ways she can effectively and easily relay this to her partner. This is an important skill to learn to improve communication between partners.
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