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Why Can’t You Understand Me? Two Techniques to Understand Your Partner–Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.
Understanding…something we all crave and need in a relationship.
Why is it so difficult?
As I have written in prior blogs, men and women think (very) differently. But one thing we all have in common is the desire to be understood by our partner.
A common mistake is to believe that understanding is synonymous with agreeing. This is simply not the case. You can understand your partner and completely disagree with their point of view.
Two possible techniques you can utilize to increase your ability to understand your partner are:
1. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes is a great method to be able to understand them. You know your partner pretty well. Their opinions are formed based on the belief systems they have formed in their family of origin. Consider how their family may think. This could give you some insight into your partner’s thought process.

2. Another method is to paraphrase what your partner is saying. This makes your partner feel respected because you took the time to try to understand them.

Could you use help learning to make your partner feel understood? Would you like to feel more understood?
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