What NOT to expect from your therapist

I would like to clear up a misconception about therapists.

So often, people think therapists are here to give advice. This is simply not the case. Imagine how dependent a client would become on their therapist if their therapist were the one advising them on what to do and not to do?

That would certainly be counterproductive to the emotional growth of the client.

Instead, therapists are here to guide clients to find possible solutions. We help our clients see things from a different perspective which can provide that client with much needed clarity.

We also teach clients new ways of looking at things. After all, perception is reality. It is common for a client’s perception to be a bit skewed either from resentment, hopelessness, depression, anxiety or a myriad of other options.

Could you use a new perspective on your situation?

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Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T.


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