positive thoughts

Trashing Your Negative Thoughts – Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

positive thoughts

Do you find yourself obsessing about the negative things in your life? Are you having a hard time focusing on the positive things because all you can do is think about the negative things?
Well let’s refer to that old song with the line accentuate the positive and eliminate negative by Bing Crosby.
Mr. Crosby had  a great idea!

Here is a quick and effective exercise for you.

  • Go and get a piece of paper.
  • Write down the negative things that are occurring in your life right now.
  • As soon as you’re finished tear up the piece of paper and throw it away.

This simple act of trashing that piece of paper with the negative things written on it can be very cathartic.

Then on a brand-new piece of paper let’s accentuate the positive.

 4. Try to come up with at least 5 positive things right now. Even things as simple as the fact that you have carved out some time to complete this exercise and read this blog.

Good for you to make your mental health a priority!!
You can magnify the impact of this exercise by keeping the piece of paper with you and adding to it anything positive that happens throughout each day.

You may be surprised at all of the positive things that occur to you on a daily basis that you have not yet even begun to become mindful of. This exercise can help you be more aware of the positive things occurring daily.

Remember to always seek out support from a trusted friend or skilled therapist if you find your life heading in a direction which you do not want it to.

Stay positive!

Laurie Shoats LMFT  (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)
Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL. 33067