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Divorce Support- Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

Whether you are a man or a woman, the dissolution of a marriage or a relationship is always an emotional roller coaster. We all go into a marriage with the “for better or for worse” attitude and we truly believe it! The three biggest reasons couples split up are money, parenting and sex.

Having someone to talk to is paramount while going through a break-up. Simply getting things off your chest can be cathartic as well as necessary for your emotional and physical health. You want to remain emotionally and physically healthy to continue to take care of yourself and any children involved.

If there has been infidelity or cheating then there will need to be some healing taking place around that as well.

Talking to friends and family can be wonderful but often times can only take you so far. Seeking professional help can assist you in navigating through this emotional roller coaster and come out stronger and better on the other end.

The last thing we ever want to do is end an unhealthy relationship only to find ourselves in another similarly unhealthy relationship down the road.

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