Do Leopards Change Their Spots? ~ Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

Do leopards change their spots?

Absolutely. The concept of psychology was built around that premise.

The key to this is being able to recognize how much a person can change and what factors go into whether or not a person will choose to make some modifications.

Also remember, there are no guarantees. A therapist can NOT work any harder than their client.

If a client wants to change as much as they want their next breath, then it is pretty likely that they will be able to.

Conversely, if a client comes to counseling because they “have to” then it is less likely they will change.

A skilled therapist is often able to get a resistant client to see how their life can benefit from making some modifications.

A motivated client is commonly able to make their desired modifications in 10 sessions or less, as long they as they show up to counseling consistently and do the assigned therapeutic homework.
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