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Blog #13 August 2015
Perception is Reality

Another important thing to be aware of is that perception is reality. What this means is the way a person sees something is their reality. It is very difficult to change someone’s perception. The most you can hope to accomplish is to have your partner be able to be open-minded enough to see things as you do. But this does not change their reality. It simply can help them understand how you think differently than they do. It is also important to respect the differences between you and your partner rather than trying to convince your partner that they are wrong and you are right. Trying to convince your partner they’re wrong is one of quickest ways to get into a fight.

This concept is especially important when it comes to relationships. People develop their own personal perceptions resulting from their families of origin, experiences and the stories they tell themselves.
The sooner you are able to be open-minded and respect the differences between you and your partner the better off your relationship will be.
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