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A Tip for Men- Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.

Men, are you struggling to be able to communicate better with your partner? If so, you are not alone.

Having worked with couples for almost 30 years I have seen many men say that their partner does not feel heard by them. Women report their men are “Just not good listeners”.

Well, here is a tip for men on how to be a better listener.

Men default to wanting to “fix” their loved one’s problems. Women don’t always want this and often prefer their partner to just “listen to them.”

Men, when your partner has an issue, try just listening to them rather than trying to fix their problem.

Women have a “vat” of words that needs to be emptied in order for them to feel better. When women speak without being interrupted or corrected then they often solve their own problems by just being able to empty their “vat” of words.

Men, your job is not to correct or interrupt. Even if she inaccurately recalls something or exaggerates etc., you are NOT to correct her. You simply listen and ask questions and get her to speak even more. The more you can get her to talk, the better she feels and the more you look like the hero! And I know you like that idea!

Do you want to improve your communication with your partner?

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Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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