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The Best Way to Make Decisions

Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T.

Do you ever feel stuck or have a hard time making a decision about something?

Well, you are not alone.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, A New Earth and Stillness Speaks discusses the importance of making decisions without the emotional attachment connected to it.

When we are highly emotional, anxious or stressed then we are not thinking clearly. So, naturally we will not make the best decision for ourselves.

Removing the emotion can make it so you will make the best choice. The way to do this is to practice being mindful and to not overly identify with your thoughts. Recognize that your thoughts are only thoughts and do not have any power over you. In fact, you have power over your thoughts. You have the ability to disconnect from your thoughts.

This will also immediately reduce any stress and anxiety in your life. You be be thinking clearer and feeling more at peace.

Would you like to experience more peace and make better choices?

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Laurie Shoats L.M.F.T. (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)


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