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Life Tip #1 – Real Life Solutions Counseling, Inc.
Having been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 25 years, I have learned quite a few “what to do’s” and “what not to do’s” in life. I have seen numerous common themes hundreds of times come through my office. I will share an important tip with you that can help your self- esteem as well as other things in your life.
This important tip involves how you process the way in which other people treat you.


It is vital that you do NOT take what other people do/say personally.
If you are a nice, respectful person, and someone else treats you poorly, I can assure you that their actions have nothing to do with you or your actions. Their actions are a result of the stories and beliefs that they have in their head about the world. Their reality has nothing to do with you.
It can be such a relief to know that you are not responsible for how other people see you or treat you. Again, provided you know that you are being a kind hearted person.
Can you benefit from realizing that what other people do has nothing to do with you?
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