3 Reasons to Increase Your Positive Thinking

Increasing positive thoughts sounds simple, and can be, if you want it to be. Human beings have approximately 60,000 thoughts daily. Some of these thoughts are negative and some are positive. Often times, our negative thoughts are repetitive to the point that if our thoughts were a television show, we would consider them re-runs and immediately change the channel! Well, in essence, this is what we are trying to do by increasing our own positive thoughts. We want to change the channel to a more supportive one. To accomplish this, we need to be aware of our negative thought patterns, stop them as soon as the awareness is there, and immediately counteract these negative thoughts with more loving, empowering and positive thoughts.

Below are 3 reasons to increase your positive thoughts. I would venture to guess you might able to add many more!

1. Positive thoughts send out vibrations, as do negative ones, which attract whatever you are thinking about. Have you heard the phrase “Misery loves company.” ? Well, there is scientific truth to this based on the frequency of the vibrations we are sending out every minute of the day.

Try this experiment. Think positive thoughts about something for several hours and see what happens. Tell yourself that you will receive recognition at work, you will choose the fastest line in the grocery store, your child will be well behaved tonight (be careful with this one: D) or that you will gain more insight regarding that issue you have been struggling with. Do this with CONVICTION and see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

2. According to recent research, 90% of the things we worry about and fear don’t ever come true. Think about how much energy is wasted on things, which don’t even happen? Parents, think about how many times we tell our kids to be careful and we worry that they will get hurt, on a daily basis. How often do they truly and seriously become injured? Or how often do we worry about being fired only to have that not happen either? How about how often we worry that the diagnosis from the doctor will be the worst possible one?

Below is a statement shared with me by a Miami Dolphin player after hearing it from his team coach.

If there is no solution, why worry.
If there is a solution, why worry.

Can you guess what the bottom line is? Yup, I knew you could! Why worry!

*Please allow me to point out that this does not mean do not plan or be prepared. Practicing discernment can help you learn the difference between worrying, which is negative, and being prepared, which is positive and proactive.

3. Positive thoughts can greatly improve your relationships. Your relationships with your significant other, your children, your family, friends and coworkers can be considerably enhanced and enriched by using kind works and positive thoughts. Think about it. What happens when we look at our kids and think, “Gosh, he is such a klutz.” Or look at our spouse and think,” Man, what a slob.” Or drive to work thinking,” I can’t stand this job.” You know what happens. We are immediately thinking negatively and putting energy into things we actually wish would get smaller. We need to focus our energy into things we want to get BIGGER!

An important thing when considering positive thinking and what it is best to put our energy into is to be aware of that which we truly have control over.
Take the following quiz and once again, see if you can figure out what the bottom line is. You are an enlightened person otherwise you would not be reading this newsletter so I know you will be able to quickly figure this one out.
 Hint: only one can be truly answered with a YES.

Can we control our spouse?? ____
Our children? ____
Our boss? ___
The economy? ___
Gas prices? ___
Our parents? ___
Our neighbors?__
Food prices?__
Our reactions? ____

Empower yourself through positive affirmations to be said 25 times a day taken from Louise Hay
1. I am powerful and loving.
2. I am deeply fulfilled by everything I do.
3. Everything is working out perfectly
4. I am safe and protected.
5. I radiate success and I prosper at every turn.
6. I am a good listener. I really hear what other people are saying and I am not just waiting for my chance to talk.
7. It is my birthright to live fully and freely.
8. I am worth loving.
9. I love taking care of the earth, and the earth loves me in return.
10. Life always reveals what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it.

Positivity is contagious. When we choose to be around positive people, we feel more elated. When we are more positive, we spread the positive and good feelings to others.